The brief
Spanish bank giant BBVA asked for a transformational solution to its online communication and content strategy. As a first step towards digital transformation, the annual report for 2014 was at put to test.
For that, we developed a concept using video and timelines as main elements in storytelling. The design concept included bits and parts of content strategy involving video, info graphics, figures, copywriting, timelines, visual narratives and interactive panels. The idea was to create a user experience offering a mixed pot of content and higher level of engagement. 

The Goal
The objective was to create better user engagement by providing heavy content. The second objective was to increase the level of readership and unique visitors.

The Results
Increased readership and page views by 128%. Unique visitors by 72% compared to previous year.
My role? 
Concept and creative direction.

Official site: BBV in 2014

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