A European Pilot case commissioned and funded by the EU
ABC4Trust is a European Pilot in partnership with IBM, Nokia Network Solutions and other providers and developers, composed to create a cross board digital platform for a secure and anonymous log-ons on the web, a safe online interaction for the citizens of Europe. This particular pilot involves two institutions, a public school  in Söderhamn, Sweden, with more than 500 students and staff members. Another involves a technology institute in Patras, Greece. First in kind in Europe. 

The design process picked off with a workshop to get every stakeholder on the same page and agree on the scope of work and the goals of the project. Research was done with end-users such school kids, and other key stakeholders to get key insights around the users's needs, pain points and struggles. We then created wireframes for the best solution in an iterative process involving all stakeholders. In then next phase, we tested the concept through three pilots (Söderhamn, Sweden and Patela Greece). Feedback was then revised and iterations and improvements were made accordingly.

This project had multiple challenges. On is it's unique. No other existing solution out there. Also, new technology challenges. Thirdly,  a design challenge to meet the end users's needs.
Building a brand new platform
Building the platform was truly a great challenge. Not only did it require certain specifications for online security, it also had to deliver simple and familiarity of symbols, graphics, iconography and color schemes for user of all ages and backgrounds. Functions were under scrutiny throughout the process making sure that the requirements were fully met. Content-based navigation with cards made identification easier, for instance.

Scope definition
The task at stake was to create a brand new platform from the ground up for a wide range of end-users, where technical challenges, content creation and valuable features was under continuous scrutiny and subject to change at various stages of the project

The design concept
One of the challenges we were facing as designers was how to differentiate multiple personal identities (one of the platforms greatest features) created by the same user within the platforms ecosystem. The solution was cards - a visual identity branded in separate colors for each personal identity. Success was immediate.

Aslo, building the platform that offers a community features with chats, share and upload of multiple content was a another challenge. Mimicing the likes of Facebook had it's own technical and design problem resolving issues.


Design Team
Product Owner. Project Managers. Online ID Security Experts. UX/UI Designer. Developers. 

Visit official site for more information abot the poilot: ABC4Trust

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