I’m a passionate Senior UX Designer and Art Director that has helped transform brands using beautiful, fun, functional design and digital campaigns since 2005.
I specialize in UX design & digital strategy, facilitation, insights, research & analysis, concepts, prototyping, UI, art direction, and creative leadership. I do it hands-on. I have been at this design game for a good fifteen years, and have sharpened my skills working on over 60 projects.
My role in design has been to find a balance between something that consumers, users or fans want and love to use, something that will make money for the client's business, and something that can be built. When I find that balance, then I find innovative ideas.
I deliver clear and connected stories that will bring users closer to the product or service and deepen their engagement in the brand by delivering solutions that make a difference and added value.
With every project, I implement the highest standards of communication and collaboration, and believe process is the foundation of success​​​​​​​
Digital UX Strategy  •  Facilitation  •  Insights  •  Research & Analysis  •  Concpets  •  Prototyping  •  Art Direction  •  Digital Interfaces  •  Creativity Leadership  •  Mentorship  •  Hands-on Design.
Some of the brands I've helped
Over the years, I have worked with amazing brands such as Chevrolet, Philips, Lufthansa, VW, La Vache Qui Rit, NatGeo Arabia, AmEx, Gulf Air, Viking Line, RFSU, BBVA, NEC, Sprite, Johnnie Walker, Dubai International Film Festival, Batelco, GS1, and Strongbow, Apotek Hjärtat ICA (Sweden).
Different worlds, different experience
Working in Stockholm, Bahrain, and Dubai, for brands and organisations around the globe, taught me different insights. Working in different agencies, in different roles, brought different perspectives. Working remotely brought different ways of collaboration, project executions and client management.
Here in my portfolio, is where I tell all the stories behind those ideas. It’s a mix of work from digital ad campaigns to new brands I helped develop from the ground up, UX design cases to new products and services, from commissioned to non-commissioned.
This is My UX Process
I practice Design Thinking using the Double Diamond  method for research, problem definition, design, and validation of the concept.  
I apply Design Thinking step-by-step throughout the process to anticipate the results set in the UX Design Project.
The UX Strategy is fundamentally the most important part of any UX Design Project. It's a roadmap to success and achieving the project objectives for all stakeholders, be it the business, the end-user or/and the product itself.
UX Design Project Scope
Design/Creative brief. Requirements. Rationale. Problem Definition. Constraints. Long-term goal. Timeline. HMW. Customer. Journey Map. MVP. Competitive Analysis. Sketches. Wireframes. UI & Branding / Hi-Fi mockups. Prototype. Style guide/Design System. Deliverables.

Mentor at Rookieup and Interaction Design Foundation's (IxDF) Get A UX Job Bootcamp supporting newbies, path switchers and UX Design students in their career path.
Ogilvy. Leo Burnett. Halvarsson. Currently at Queens Lab Stockhom.
Hyper Island, Stockholm. Texas Lutheran University, USA. Växjö University, Sweden.
Want to discuss a project, or a job opening? Get in touch with me +46 705590506, or send me an emailnamroud@gorguis.com
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