Hello! My name is Namroud Gorguis, and I'm an Interactive Creative Director. 
My work is all about ideas and how to connect the dots. I steal ideas, smashing two or more opposing moments of inspiration together to make new ideas. I create cultures where ideas flourish and creativity thrives to develop those ideas. Great work has always been an act of collaboration, putting thoughts forward and thrashing them out alongside everyone else.
At the end of the day, my work becmomes all about helping brands to capitalize on disruptive technologies and the emerging behavior that comes with it, making humans my best source of inspiration.
I practice design thinking, putting UX Design in the forefront to become an integrated part of everything me and my teams create and execute for any client work.
I lead creative teams, focusing on the fundamentals, understand, value and grow everybody's creative process, making the work they do tomorrow is far better than the work they do today.

Here, is where I tell all the stories behind those ideas. It’s a mix of work from digital ad campaigns to new brands I helped develop from the ground up, UX design cases to new products and services, from commissioned to non-commissioned.
Working in Stockholm, Bahrain, and Dubai, for brands and organisations around the globe, taught me different insights. Working in different agencies, in different roles, brought different perspectives.

Don't ask me to buy more products. Show me how purposeful your brand is.

Eurobest 2008 Bronze
Cannes Lion nominee 2009
Web honur for innovation in web design 2009
Effie Award 2012

Leo Burnett

Hyper Island
Texas Lutheran University
Växjö University

Ideas. Concepts. Prototypes. Design. Execution. Storytelling. Content writing.

Adobe CC.
Adobe XD. Sketch. InVision.
Pencil. Paper. Whiteboard.

Get in touch: namroud@gorguis.com
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