The Design Challenge
How can we improve 'Search' — the most important feature on any travel company's website — to deliver value to the consumer? What if we design a search feature as simple as a one-click away from your favorite travel desitiantion.

The Goal of the Product
Design a Search feature that is intuitive, effortless, mobile first, and pleasant. Importantly, getting value from the desired search results at a glance.

We researched the most commonly used search features out-there like Google, Airbnb,, Travel company's websites, Bing, Cake... looking for inspiration.
We asked the customers what they're missing in the current search feature on the company's website.
We monitored Customer Care Centers, Feedback from customers, complaints, Backlogs, Front desk, and employees.

Ideation and Concept
Extracting data to change behavior is a powerful thing. We were looking for valuable user insights and behavior patterns. Data that was vetted and used by the design team to create a mock-up, a prototype (MVP) and then tested for validation. Throughout, simplicity was not the goal here, rather a byproduct of a good idea. We removed distracting elements and designed a product based on user expectations and the power of a clear and distinct product design.

The Solution
The four most important keywords for any holiday plan are Destination, Check in, Check out, and Number of Guests. The solution: We designed the Search Feature by simply putting these four keywords at the user's fingertips. Then added a Search button, either using a keyboard or voice. Paired with a well-crafted headline showcasing the service offer, SEO-optimized of course. 
Second most important thing is making changes to your search results. So we made it easy to users to do just that by designing an additional feature for 'Change Search' and made it visible and accessible.
The further you advance in your search, the more adjustments you can make to complete your booking.

Watch The Prototype below

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