The brief
LS Bank mobil app Pension needs an update. The service needs to be redesigned to meet the customer’s needs.
Problem area: Low activity among existing customers in-app, as well as a low influx of new customers.
The goal: Change user’s behavior to use the app features more often, make active choices buy, sell fonds and change fonds to make better assess investments for their pension.
Success: A 20% increase of in-app activities the next coming months after the relaunch.

Project plan
The design team kicked off by questioning the bief and ask questions
The problem statemnet
Scope of work
Timeline and duration of the for project and production
Requiremnets  (Constraints tech specs, effect measurements…)
Stakeholders activities plan (onboarding, workshops, sprints tests…)
What expertees?
Tools to use (Miro, Figma, Xd, Zoom...)
What success looks like? Business goals, user goals, product goals, brand value...

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