The idea
This UX Design concept aims to give product designers a handy tool to find test users on their mobile devices and connect with them for future user testing of early stages product prototypes. It’s a community platform for both designers and test users aiming to benefit each other to produce better products with UX in focus. 
The mobile application allows designers and product managers to remotely find test users within the target audience,  invite them and run user tests for any mobile application prototype, and ultimately help making confident strategic business decisions.  This digital service will allow eh public to be able to test their own services and mobile apps and test them everywhere in the world.

Our primary goals
• The goal is to create a iOS digital service with consistent, stable, and pleasant user experience for app developers to find test users quickly. 
• Be a great landing pad. Many developers access different apps when developing their own apps. This should be a fluid experience.
• Be a great native iOS app. Take advantage of the platform, which means it is accessible to everywhere, and focuses on light interactions
• Speed. The app should load quickly and help people perform a variety of key actions quickly.

A new simplified experience
Prototype, Find people & Test. Focus on testing your prototype, and find people to test your prototype quickly.

UX Design.. 5-dyas Design Sprint. Design Thinking. Prototype. Iterations. Product Concept Development.
Watch the UX Design clip of the application...

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