Modern day people are constantly on-the-go. They experience time is never enough to make daily cooking tasks at ease. The question was; How might we make cooking less stressful for urban people on-the-go? What triggers them to cook, and what dosen’t? How might we make the user want to use the app? What features would likely appeal to them, and make them come back to the app regularly? The most apparent problem for many people come about how to cook a dish and where to buy the ingredients to cook that dish.
The concept
Clearly, the main idea was to make the cooking experience to a pleasurable task for people on the move. By removing any obstacles that might hinder the user to completing a desired action, the concept started to shaping. The user story needed to shift the focus from writing about features to discussing them from a user’s perspective. So, it began…
The design
I designed a modern interface that provides just that for a mobile experience;  Browsing through different recipes, list of ingredients, and near-by grocery shop to buy those ingredients. As to the iOS app UX design and interactions;  I combined both recognizable and new features and interactions. A record of previous purchases, place of purchase, and recipes was crucial for any success of the app. Applying gamification and micro interactions to the user experience, added another level of seamless use of application and excitement.
The use of AI, Voice, Barcode, QR Code (scanning products) was at the heart of this concept. By using voice in the iOS device to search, add grocery items and find nearest location (geolocation) to purchase those items. I wanted to push the user experience to elevate into a higher level of engagement.
My role and responsibilities
Research. Concept development and interactive Prototype. Hands-on digital interface design.

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