I led the design work to brand a new graphic identity from idea to final execution. I worked with the scope of work, the brand identity including logo design and menu design, the user experience and designed the web interface and OOH advertising. Also copy writing.
Brasserie Bouquet, a modern French inspired brasserie. Branding and graphic identity, including Logotype, Typography, Color Theme, Visual Language (imagery), Website, Menus and stationary.

The Brief
The brief was to create a brand new branded identity including new Logo, Colors, Menus, Photo Style, a Website and OOH pieces for the newly opened Brasserie Bouquet that will communicate its commercial concept and offer to its target audience of woman and men between 25-50 yo. The website content should be able to provide pieces of information and functionality to engage the audience and keep returning back for updates such as 'This week's lunch menu', 'Book a table', and retention, while being the restaurant's portal online.

The goal
The goal is to communicate Brasserie Bouquet's purpose, brand promise and value proposition by using storytelling, content, usability and clear Call To Action as main attractions on the web site.

How I solved it
A French brasserie is a small brewery and restaurant. With that knowledge in hand, the new branded identity concept had to be focused on originality and signatures, hence the handwritten typography in the logo. The colors are gentle yet elegant with accent colors to emphasize actions. The photo style expresses three key areas; Craftsmanship, Food and Interior. The body copy is crafted to communicates the core values of the restaurant and emulates visual narratives.

Go to official website: Brasserie Bouquet

The branding concept

This new Brand Identitiy

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