I led a small design team to completely rethink and design a new food and beverage ordering app for the restaurant industry. The goal was to create an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, increase engagement and serve as a fluid part of any dining or coffeeshop visit.

The brief
Design and develop a subscription based mobile application iOS platform for restaurants and coffeeshops owners to leverage the restaurant dining experience for visitors.

The digital service / product
Order and Pay is a software application developed specifically for restaurant, bar and coffeeshop enterprises to help improve workflow efficiency, increase sales and create a great customer experience whether at the point of sale or mobile.
Any restaurant, bar or a joint visit involves a moment when we're handed a paper or a fancy leather-wrapped food and drink menu, right. This application is going to change that.

How we do it
This product design involves: Design Thinking, Agile design sprints, workshops, prototyping, developing personas, user stories, features, functionality and usability testing. Watch the animated short video on how it could work in the future.

The goal
The goal is to deliver a top-of-mind pleasurable, memorable and functional user experience on mobile devices.

My Role and responsibilities
As a Product Designer, I was in charge of the UX process, facilitating workshops, ideating and running design sprints in collaboration with the design team.

Check out the proyotype here!

The short animation demonstrates the usefulness of the app showcasing a typical scenario, a restaurant visit or a bar.

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